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About Us is a service established in November 2009 by people who got tired of all sites that gave awkward and heavy statistics. We decided to establish a new site statistics that contains only reports data that we as a sites owners use on daily basis.

If you are looking for statistics with 30 types of reports and graphs, needless segmentation and unnecessary headaches, click here to leave this website.

It is important to note the importance of code we are planting on your site, we designed the code so that it won't slow down the loading time for users by making the code start running only after the page loads fully.

SitesAnalyzer statistics services is absolutely free charge. At first you must open an account and then you will receive the code to plant on your website. By planting code on your website, you will begin to receive information on your website in real time! In return you'll see a picture of the service on your website.

We always stand at your disposal and hear what you think of the service, suggestions on how to optimize and improve the service, and things you think will improve the service - we would greatly appreciate any feedback. You can contact us using the contact form.

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